Let the Dogs Run


Band : Mike Morgan and Jim Suhler
Release Date : August 2, 1994
Label : Black Top
Catalog ref. : B000005YYA
Format : Digital Download



Fire is a natural thing. Guitarists can acquire speed, style, flash, and fury. Fire is more elemental. A player either has it or he doesn’t. Mike Morgan and Jim Suhler have tons of it. The Morgan/Suhler coalition comprises two guitarists of maturity and depth, who solo explosively but inventively and share a great sense of dynamics. Suhler’s guitar sound is glassy, slashing, and incisive while Morgan’s is brawny, rugged, and retro. The Morgan/Suhler collaboration disproves the equation 1+1=2. In this case, 1+1= More guitar than you can imagine!

  • Roll Me 4:26
  • Sawed-Off Shotgun 3:33
  • Where’d You Get Your Sugar From? 5:12
  • Bloodstains on the Wall 3:08
  • You’re Fine 4:15
  • Roll Your Money Maker 4:17
  • I Just Want To Get To Know You 3:54
  • All My Whole Life 3:15
  • Evil 4:02
  • Twelve Year Old Boy 3:33
  • You Hurt Me 4:42
  • Objection Over-ruled 4:20
  • Ruby Lee 5:40


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