Starvation Box


Title : Starvation Box: The Best of Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat
Release Date : October 21, 2003
Label : Lucky Seven Records
Catalog ref. : B0000D9PGY
Format : Digital Download



Jim Suhler and Monkey Beat have been on the music scene now for several decades, and have built a fan base worldwide. They are well-known for their “no-holds-barred” approach to blues-inspired rock and roll. Their three Lucky Seven releases have shown an amazing depth of songwriting and playing, and their constant touring in both the USA and Europe has garnered many admirers. Jim is also well-known as the lead guitarist for George Thorogood and The Destroyers and has often been included in “Top Ten Guitarists” lists of various music publications.

But now comes their best release ever! In a manner of speaking, Starvation Box is a double album, for it contains two distinct elements, both “The Best of Jim Suhler and Monkey Beat” AND six brand new tracks, each deserving in its own right to be included in anyone’s “Best Of”. The coolest, most popular tracks from their first three albums -Radio Mojo, Shake, and Bad Juju – are all included in one convenient package, and as a bonus, the band also presents six great new songs, including their arrangements of Elmore James’ classic “U Gotta Move,” Lightnin’ Hopkins’ “Lonesome Dog Blues”, and four new Suhler originals. So once again, make sure the back door is locked tight because here come three of the hardest-rocking musicians you’ll ever encounter – Jim Suhler and Monkey Beat!

  • Where Were You When The Lights Went Out? 2:51
  • Deja Blue 3:53
  • Ain’t Coming Home Tonight 3:47
  • Snake Hips 4:33
  • Prayin’ For Rain 5:12
  • Little Boy Blue 4:16
  • Blame It On Love 3:40
  • Snake Bit 4:04
  • U Gotta Move 5:33
  • Starvation Box 5:18
  • Chupacabra 3:26
  • Shotgun Shack 4:31
  • Love Ain’t Enough 4:49
  • Don’t Stand Still 5:28
  • Shake 4:21
  • Radio Mojo 3:32
  • Lonesome Dog Blues 3:25


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